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My professional journey began in 2008 with the full-spectrum organization of events, encompassing everything from creative conceptualization to promotion, and from technical setup to artist engagement. This initial venture into project management honed my skills in orchestrating complex operations with finesse.

Fast forward to 2015, I expanded my horizons by acquiring a consultancy license and delving into the realm of outsourced development. This strategic move allowed me to build relationships with multiple software development teams, collaborate with over a dozen partners, and nurture a burgeoning network of digital aficionados.

The year 2018 marked a significant milestone as I ventured into entrepreneurship with a startup focused on developing a cryptocurrency escrow service. This endeavor was bolstered by securing an investor, launching a traffic-generating website, and providing insightful analytics and news within the industry.

To date, I have successfully spearheaded over 200 projects, both as a team leader within companies and as an independent professional. My expertise lies in transforming visionary software concepts into tangible solutions, navigating the complexities of tech innovation, and fostering strategic partnerships that drive product-led growth.

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Employed way
Product Manager
Customer Gauge, 2022 - 2023
Technical Product Owner
Playtika Holding Corp., 2020 - 2021
Technical Product Manager
IDT corp., 2019 – 2020
Product Manager / Partner
Livestream Ltd., 2017-2018
Product Consultant
Affise, 2016-2017
Product Expert
Freelance self-employed, since 2015
Solution Analyst - sales and custom projects
aheadWorks, 2012-2016

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