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I am Sergey Safronov,
Product |

I know how to turn thoughts into tangible realities using strategies that simply different. With Users as my spell book.

Who I am

With over a decade of experience in tech industry, I've been instrumental in aiding global clientele with software design, team formation, and product development.

My portfolio boasts over 200 diverse projects as I've forged partnerships that enhance my ability to deliver flexible, expert solutions on demand.

What can I do for you

  • 1
    Scope and estimate your idea in accordance to jobs to be done and nothing else
  • 2
    Dive into details and shape a vision and specs with user in mind
  • 3
    Do initial design and technical concept / high level architecture to provide best product experiences
  • 4
    Master your processes, apply frameworks, couch, run workshops so that your operations are synced with product
  • 5
    Make sure your department/organisation is doing its best for its time, money and people
  • 6
    Own backlog/roadmap with quantized and iterative development
  • 7
    Streamline and align requirements into deliverables
  • 8
    Define product metrics and indicate their growth points. Be your guide in analytics and monitoring
  • 9
    Bring user/market research, illustrate it and give the right answers
  • 10
    Develop new solutions or upgrade the existing ones to increase customer satisfaction, reduce expenses and open new possibilities
  • 11
    Bring some competent people to drive your ideas together. Allow your product to serve as a marketing channel itself and enable customers
  • 12
    Don't just run projects. Create Product experiences with customers in mind, designed in and out to grow and sustain.
  • I worked with Sergey on a couple of projects in IDT corp.
    I'd like to notice, that Sergey is competent not only as a Product Manager but in contiguous competences.
    He's able to take a look at the product in scale, and it's helpful for the entire team and stakeholders with product strategy vision and solutions.
    I actually liked to work with him and highly recommend him like a great colleague and specialist I'd liked to work with again.
    Andrei Tarasevich
    Design Director and Consultant 
  • Sergey showed great presentation and communication skills, great willing to dive into product problems and solve them at a core.
    Pavel Shastakou
    Senior Software Developer
  • Always clear requirements and precise solutions to clients' painpoints. It's been a great pleasure to work together.
    Slava Kostukovich
    Magento Developer – Freelancer
  • Sergey is very experienced and intelligent person who has lots of knowledge in his field. It was wonderful to work with him. Definitely recommended!
    Olga Kundzelskaya
    UX/UI Designer and artist
  • Created a few materials for Sergey's client, all good!
    lesya boyko
    Freelance Motion Graphic Designer
  • Sergey brought me a good client and we spent an awesome time working together.
    Kanstantsin Zhautanoha
    Crtpyrto-trading and fintech specialist 
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