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BOSS Revolution

International money remittance provided by IDT corp. Presented by iOS/Android apps, web app and retail/distributor apps. Open link.
5 senior full-stack developers, 5 QA engineers, Product Owner, Marketing and Technical Product Manager (me). We owned all money infrastructure as well as retail/distributor apps. Mobile and web apps were our clients.

Challenges and contribution:
• Outdated specs and fragmented knowledge. Substantial work has been done to learn how everything works, how to update and scale it. In some cases it was required to apply reverse engineering
• Legacy code. We have successfully applied new micro-service architecture as well as old code refactoring
• Deployment transformation: the way software being deployed to production considering cross-team cooperation
• Lack of modern frameworks. On company level new Product Line approach has been applied to complete Business and Engineering lines
• New team, knowledge transfer and integration with older departments
• Presentations to big audiences
• Product development with complex infrastructure: lots of services, internal and external APIs.
• 7 teams working in parallel on same product
• Loyalty program, "pro" interface and many many more features
• Overall processes setup including Scrum and other aspects of how people interact

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