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Cybersports live stream and betting service. May require VNP to be accessed since it is gambling. Open link.
Product owner, Marketing and Product Manager (me). I have hired the following development team: 3 backend developers , 2 frontend, architect/devops, designer, project manager.

Challenges and contribution:
• Creating entire product (client, admin etc) from scratch (concept, mockups, design, user flow etc) in very specific industry by applying user/market research and using my own experience
• Consultancy to new business concerning various aspects of its life, including processes setup, partnership relations, product approach, technical vision, team setup and more
• New to the industry multicurrency wallets with support of cryptocurrencies were implemented
• Team setup and talents search by doing market research and candidates contest
• Product Approach setup
• Integration with external odds providers
• Other 3rd-party integrations
• Odds balancer
• Extended analytics and account control tools
• Anti-fraud implementation
• Gamification, affiliate, referral program and many many more features
• Saved 30% of initial budget
• Lots of other NDA content

Any questions?
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